Procore: 3 Reasons Why Our Team Loves It

Little Dixie Construction knows that the work performed in the office is just as important as the work performed in the field. That’s why we use Procore as our construction management software tool. Procore is a cloud-based software application that increases our project efficiency and accountability, by providing streamlined project communication and documentation. From pre-development to project completion, LDC uses Procore Technologies to manage all aspects of our construction projects and this is why it has become the nucleus of our company.

We rely on Procore, and here are 3 reasons why we do.

1. Procore Prevents Mistakes 

On average, companies that don’t value project management report an average of 67% more of their projects failing than those that do. At LDC, we know that missing the most simple detail can cause a project to go off track. This is why we use Procore’s software to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Thwarting these potential mistakes saves both us and our clients time and effort. This makes our process simple and ultimately increases everyone’s return on investment.

2. Procore Has Many Tools and Features

Procore seriously has all the bells and whistles. It’s easy to use and they have a great support team to back up their services. This construction project management software offers everything from field productivity management tools, to tools that help us manage and monitor project financials. These technologies also help us organize daily logs, progress reports, schedules, specifications, submittals, and more.

3. Procore Keeps Us Connected

Procore connects our team on a single platform. Because of this, it allows people, systems, and data to work together harmoniously. It streamlines the Request for Information (RFI) process, making it easy for our staff to respond and link information in real-time.

Procore allows our team to share and see plans with all members on any device, whether we are on the job site or at the office. Using this software ensures that our team is utilizing our time and resources as efficiently as possible. It helps us stay on track to achieve our goals.


We use Procore to avoid mistakes, it offers every tool that we need, and it keeps our team at LDC on the same page. We value the project management software that we use because it keeps us on track and on budget with all of our projects.

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