Callaway County Justice Center

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Callaway County’s courts system was located in the Historic Courthouse which was constructed in 1827.  The historic structure was unable to accommodate the court’s current space and security needs.  The new 32,000 SF facility is located at the edge of the Historic Brick District and serves as a gateway into downtown Fulton. Locally sourced precast concrete and brick were used to clad the building to complement the surrounding government buildings.  Enhanced security is integral to the design of the building.  A single public entrance with security screening opens into the daylit public lobby.  A series of secure corridors is provided for jurors, judges, and inmates to traverse the building away from the public and a sally port and holding rooms adjacent to the courtrooms provides safe and secure accommodation of inmates.  Daylit courtrooms with state-of-the-art technology were designed to meet the court’s current needs.


Fulton, MO

nForm Architecture

Project Manager:
MacKenzie Thorp

Brent Shipman

1431 Cinnamon Hill Ln, Ste 209
Columbia, MO 65201