Fire Station #9

201 Blue Ridge Road
Columbia, MO 65203
7,891 sq ft
Square Footage
February 2010
Completion Date

This project was certified LEED Gold and is situated on the Northwest corner of North Providence Road and Blueridge road in Columbia.

The structure is constructed primarily of FSC-certified wood framing with structural steel support for the apparatus bays. The exterior is designed in keeping with the residential style and scale of the neighborhood in mind. Exterior materials primarily consist of fiber cement siding of two different colors and styles and brick veneer wainscot. The roof is covered using architectural shingles completing the residential style. Exterior lighting is low level with cutoffs preventing spill over property lines.

The project is a LEED Gold project as regulated by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Some of the methods used to achieve this rating are:

  • Use of FSC certified lumber
  • Recycling of construction waste
  • Use of low VOC sealants and paints
  • Recycled content products for flooring
  • Recycled content products for siding
  • Recycled brick veneer
  • The site includes innovative methods of collecting and cleaning storm water runoff created by the development on the site including a rain garden and bio-swale.
Project Details